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    Lynkros No-center Platform Project


    Lynkros is a leading start-up at Tsinghua University led by Jiang Yi and Dr. Jiang Ziyan. Lynkros works on the development of hardware and software related to IOT (Internet of Things) application in smart buildings. The product series for Smart Buildings developed by Lynkros is disrupting the traditional building automation industry...


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    The Blue Technology features a seawater-based open and continuous fermentation processes, aiming at simplified progress and a low-cost bioproduct industrilization, including PHA production. The Blue Technology starts from a unique organism found in nature. Scientists of BluePHA is isloated...


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    Indoor Environment Quality Monitoring and Analyzing System


    Occupants' health is closely related to the indoor environment quality(IEQ). This point has developed a wireless indoor enviroment sensing system with exquisite industrial design and stable performance, to improve occupants' awareness of the indoor environment...


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    Micro-TEG:An innovative blood coagulation testing system


    Blood clots can cause all kinds of serious consequences which could greatly threat human life,the cardiovascular disease has become the largest killer to human health. Based on this situation, the blood coagulation condition detection is very important...


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    Parkinson Diease Project


    In October 2015, driven by Prof. Ehud Gazit, who is the chief scientist from the Minister of Science, Technology and Space of Israel, the outstanding research team from Tsinghua University, China, led by Prof. Yan-Mei Li entered into collaboration with the excellent research team from Tel Aviv University...


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    Bluepha Lab Scientific Innovation Program


    Incubated from XIN Centre of Tsinghua University, Bluepha Lab is a scientific innovative program, whose core founders are scholars and researchers from Oxford, Tsinghua, Peking University, and other top tier research institutes. Bluepha Lab devoted to explore frontier of life science, and to cultivate future talents...


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