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XIN with Continuing Education and Research Institution Salon

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May 17th 2017, hosted by the School of Continuing Education, organized by the Office of Continuing Education "Tsinghua University Continuing Education + Research Institutions Salon" was held in Gongziting. Vice-President and Provost of Tsinghua University, Prof. Yang bin, Director of Office of Continuing Education, Deng Liman, Deputy Director Guo Dayong, , Dean of School of Continuing Education Gao Celi attended the meeting. 40 people including representatives from nearly 20 non-entity research institutions of the University and School of Continuing Education Director of Training Department and Director of Business gathered together.

Vice General Manager of XINLi Yifei attended the meeting and made a statement Expressing the desire for continued cooperation with the Continuing Education, and put forward new ideas on more close contacts with Israel.

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