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XIN Center Visits Israeli Ambassabor

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Invited by Matan Vilnai, the ambassador of the state of Israel, the XIN center visited the Embassy of Israel in China on September 2nd 2015. Attendees at the event included: Hingchuen POON, executive vice president of Schwarzman College, Tsinghua University; Hongru YANG, partner and CEO of THU Park Ventures, Jun XUE, partner and manager of THU Park Ventures; Yi JIANG, general manager of the XIN Center; Xuan YIN, eternal affairs and cooperation director of the XIN Center; Lei ZHAO, CEO of Ovation Health, ENN Co., and Yi SU, overseas investment director of ENN Co..

The XIN Center received the hospitality of the ambassador. After thorough communication on education and technology transfers, Matan Vilnai heard the details of XIN’s Israeli visit on September 6th to 12th, and offered help with the next trip. The ambassador also looked forward to visiting the XIN Center.

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