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Two NSFC International Exchange and Cooperation Projects


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The XIN center supports international and inter-institutional cooperation to achieve success in applying for China-Israel innovation fund investments.

In 2016, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and the Israel Science Foundation (ISF) jointly initiated call for project in the field of life sciences and medical research, and received a total of 125 applications, of which 37 projects were selected, with two coming from Tsinghua, both from the XIN Center.

- Professor Xing Xinhui, Tsinghua University and Professor Telai Benhar, Tel Aviv University, "Choosing sides for antibody-low-molecular-weight-heparin conjugates applied as novel drugs for treating inflammatory bowel disease"

- Professor Li Yanmei, Tsinghua University and Professor Daniel Segal, Tel Aviv University, "Rationally designed glycosylated amino acids as modulators of amyloid aggregation in Alzheimer's Disease"

 The two successful projects originated the cooperation between the XIN Center and the CSC (China Scholarship Council) to select outstanding students of Tsinghua University to exchange in Israel. During this period, students and scholars of two universities generated new scientific researches and finally hand in hand to promote their researches.

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