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The 3rd China-Israel Innovation Forum(CIIF) was successfully held in Shenzhen

- Scientists, Business representatives from the two countries to discuss technological innovation incubation

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From November 30 to December 1, 2018, the Third China-Israel Innovation Forum (CIIF), hosted by XIN Center of Tsinghua University and Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute, was held in Shenzhen. CIIF was jointly initiated and organized by Tsinghua University, Tel Aviv University of Israel and Morningside Group. The forum, with the theme of "From Tel Aviv to Shenzhen: Incubating Technological Breakthroughs · Driving Economic Growth", aims to promote academic research, technology exchange and cooperation between the two countries. Israeli ambassador to China Zvi Heifetz (He Zewei), Deputy mayor of Shenzhen Wang Lixin, President of Tel Aviv University Joseph Klafter, President of Tsinghua University Qiu Yong, Co-founder of Morningside Group and chairman of Hang Lung properties Ronnie Chan(Chan Qizong)attended the opening ceremony of the forum and delivered a speech. Xiong Xiaoge, Co-founder of IDG Capital, Jim Breyer, the Chairman of the Advisory Board of Tsinghua Institute of Administration and founder and chief executive officer of Breyer Capital, also attended the forum.

Qiu Yong’s Speech

Qiu Yong, on behalf of Tsinghua University, warmly welcomed the guests and thanked the Israeli Government and the Shenzhen Municipal Committee for their support of the Forum. In his speech, Qiu Yong said that the 21st century is an era of innovation, innovation is ubiquitous, innovation regions and cluster effects are becoming more and more prominent, innovation is becoming more and more rapid, innovation presents a global trend. The Innovation Forum was co-sponsored by Tsinghua University, Tel Aviv University and Hong Kong Morningside Group in 2016, from the first to the third, from Beijing to Tel Aviv to Shenzhen, although the venue of the Innovation Forum is changing, but unchanged is the theme of innovation. Through the past three years, the Innovation Forum has set up a good platform for the cooperation and development between the two countries in the field of innovation, and we hope that we will speak freely and enlighten each other and jointly contribute wisdom and strength to the innovation and development of the two countries.

Joseph Klafter’s Speech

Joseph Klafter pointed out that Tel Aviv University has been committed to the development of innovative business, the purpose of CIIF is to allow innovative ideas to break through the academic barrier, into the public vision, for the benefit of the people of the world. The academic-industrial cooperation advocated by the Forum helps to transform innovative ideas into innovative capabilities that save lives and improve the quality of life. To date, Tel Aviv University has carried out exchanges and cooperation with 30 famous universities in China. Tsinghua University has been a long-term partner of Tel Aviv University, from XIN Center of Tsinghua University to the continuous cooperation of the 7+7 Research University Alliance, the two sides have established a solid foundation for long-term cooperation. Joseph Klafter said he look forward to further deepening friendship and strengthening cooperation between the two sides.

Zvi Heifetz’s Speech

In his speech, Israel's ambassador to China, Zvi Heifetz, said he was pleased to see cooperation between the two countries in the field of higher education flourish. The broad scope of cooperation between the universities of the two countries is not only reflected in technological innovation and research results, but also can effectively promote exchanges between the two sides in the fields of education, economy and culture. China has put forward and actively implemented the "Belt and Road" strategy, which provides a broad space for cooperation. Tsinghua University is rich in talent resources, strong scientific research strength, will certainly play an important role in promoting the development of relations.

Wang Lixin’s Speech

Shenzhen Vice Mayor, Wang Lixin on behalf of the Shenzhen government to welcome scholars and entrepreneurs from both countries to visit Shenzhen. Wang Lixin said that after nearly 40 years of development, Shenzhen has become a city of innovation, inclusive urban culture, a strong industrial base and market legalization of the international business environment. Known as the "Silicon Valley of the Middle East", Israel has a significant competitiveness in R&D and innovation, while China has a large, first-rate market, and a high degree of complementarity makes innovation and cooperation increasingly close. In accordance with the national strategic deployment, Shenzhen has comprehensively strengthened cooperation with Israel's technological innovation and industrial R&D, and jointly formulated the "Shenzhen and Israel Industrial R&D Cooperation agreement". The CIIF was held in Shenzhen for the first time, bringing new impetus to the development of innovation and cooperation between Shenzhen and Israel.

Ronnie Chan’s Speech

In his speech, Ronnie Chan pointed out that this forum provides an exchange platform for the development of innovation and collaboration between the two countries. China will be happy to work with Israel to find innovative solutions to current global challenges. This forum will serve as a new starting point for cooperation between the two countries, promote the exchange of innovative ideas and inspiration, and research and business partnership development。

Panel Discussion

At the December 1 forum, guests from the two countries launched five discussion panels including Artificial Intelligence, the World economic order, Digital health, Blockchain without borders, and Ancient Civilizations in the Modern Era. Jin Qinxian, Deputy secretary general of Tsinghua University, dean of the Institute of Technology Transfer and director of the Xin Center of Tsinghua University, attended the panel discuss and engaged in a lively discussion with other speakers on the focus of the field of digital health.

Guests Group Picture

Group picture

The 3rd CIIF brings together top researchers, entrepreneurs and government officials from the two countries to bridging two nations in the Far East and Middle East – one an economic powerhouse and the other a small but fierce start-up nation, each with a glorious heritage spanning thousands of years.


Huang Hairong, assistant general manager of Xin Center, attended the forum and had an in-depth exchange with the participants.

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