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School Reopen: Campus Level

Evaluation and Prevention of Covid-19 Transmission

School Guidelines on Students Return to Schools 

1. Family Preparation

2. Arrival at School

3. The School Day

Governmental Guidance on School Reopening

School Guidelines on Students Return to Schools 

References: Public and International High Schools in Beijing and Shanghai, China (National newspapers, school Wechat public accounts, etc.)

1. Family Preparation

To ensure collective health and safety, under the government requirements all school community members, including students, parents, teachers and staff are required to submit their body temperature for 14 days before students are allowed to return to school. Temperature information is being collected via the online survey sent to all students everyday before school starts.

On the day return to school, students will need to submit an ‘acknowledgement’ form signed by the student and parent to confirm that they have not registered a temperature over 37.3 for the previous 14 days, as well as other travel and health information. Parents and visitors are not permitted on campus.

It is suggested by the health authority that students should try to keep themselves away from public areas, such as shopping malls and restaurants, and go straight home after school to protect themselves and the school community.

All students and staff are required to wear masks at all times (with the exception of lunch), which includes traveling to school, upon entry, during the school day and traveling home.

2. Arrival at school

Allocate parking places and school entrance.

If taking school bus, Bus drivers will also take students’ temperatures. Students with a temperature of 37.3 will not be able to board the school bus.

At the entrance

@ Provide E-Certificate of “Normal” Health Status from smart phone tracing program.

@ Space one meter distance queue in sequence

@ Orderly go through the gate video camera for face recognition to verify identity

@ Body temperature measurement

3. The School Day

Body Temperature 

All students will have their temperatures taken twice a day, once at security and once directly after lunch. Should students have a temperature of over 37.3, they will be directed to the medical staff and a designated quarantine area where their temperature will be re-taken. Parents will be informed by the school nurse who will also inform the local health department for further guidance and next steps.


Schools continue to be systematically cleaned before, during and after the school day. Thorough handwashing should be regular and certainly before and after eating. Hand sanitizers have been added to all areas and students are encouraged to use these. The school campus will be disinfected throughout the day, students with any allergies to any disinfectants must alert us before they arrive on campus.


Dinning service will be preparing a ‘lunch box’ following guidelines on food preparation during COVID-19. Students may also bring their own lunch. All Lunch will be eaten in the canteen. Food deliveries are not permitted on campus at this time for students or staff, with no exceptions.

When waiting for ordering, line up at a distance of one meter according to the epidemic prevention and control requirements. Sit in the same direction, keep quiet, avoid face-to-face and do not gather.

Social distancing 

Our society has become accustomed to social distancing practices and these will also be in effect at school and have been planned for. The school plans accordingly to still ensure that students are able to re-connect and enjoy their school time. All school community members are required to support the ONE meter social distancing practices on campus.

Guidance on Prevention Measures for school buildings, people and transportation: China, South Korea


1 China: Various Provincial/Municipal Education Commission and CDC Guidance on school reopening.

2 South Korea: Governmental Guidance of infection prevention and control of COVID19 at public schools (Provided by the School of Public of Health, Seoul National University).

Beijing Education Commission FAQ on Restarting School

On April 12, 2020, Beijing announced the time of the middle and high school entrance examination in July, 2020, and the arrangements for the opening of the high school graduates (April 27, 2020) and the middle school graduates (May 11, 2020). After the school starts, how to protect the health of the school community? Do teachers and students need to wear masks at schools? What should parents do to drop off and pick up their children? For the most asked questions from parents and teachers, Beijing Education Commission provides the answers.

Answered by the Beijing Education Commission in Chinese, Translated in English by beijingkids.


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