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New Chapter of China-Israel Innovation Cooperation – XIN Center Israel Visit in May

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The XIN Center and other delegations of Tsinghua University, led by the Tsinghua University President Prof. Qiu Yong, visited Israel on May 18th 2017 to further enhance communication between Tsinghua University and Israeli Universities and promote cooperation between China and Israel in education, technology and culture. The goal of the visit was to engage with China’s national innovation strategy and “Belt and Road” initiative, in order to implement the consensus reached in The Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation.

On May 18th, accompanied by the Dean of Tsinghua University Office of Technology Transfer Director of the XIN Center Jin Qinxian and Tsinghua University President Qiu Yong met with Israeli President Ruben Rivlin in his Jerusalem Office. During the talks, Qiu Yong introduced the important achievements made by Tsinghua University in promoting the cultivation of talented innovators and international development in recent years. In particular, Qiu Yong pointed out that the XIN Center, as the Secretariat of the 7+7 Research University Alliance, made outstanding contributions to exchanges and cooperation between Chinese universities and Israel Universities in areas such as academic exchange and scientific and technological cooperation. President Rivlin spoke highly of the initiatives and achievements of Tsinghua University in the field of innovation, and wishes Tsinghua to continue to expand its engagement with Israeli Universities. He encouraged all parties to further strengthen cooperation in personnel training, scientific research, technological innovation and other areas.

Dean of Tsinghua University Office of Technology Transfer and Director of the XIN Center Jin Qinxian (3rd left) President of Tsinghua University Qiu Yong (4th left) the President of Israel(4th right)

On May 18th, the academic symposium jointly sponsored by the XIN Center of Tsinghua University and Tel Aviv University was successfully held at Tel Aviv University. At the beginning of the conference, Co-director of the XIN center of Tel Aviv University Yael Hanein introduced the achievements in exchange and cooperation between China and Israel and the future development direction of the XIN Center to the more than forty well-known entrepreneurs, investors and scholars from China in attendance. Subsequently, scholars from Tel Aviv University introduced six high-tech innovation projects at Tel Aviv University. Next, chairman of Syneron and Alon Medtech Ventures Shimon Eckhouse shared his profound interpretation of Israel's innovative spirit from his rich business experience, and showcased some of his excellent project investments. Finally, the delegation from Tsinghua University communicated with the project leaders.

Co-director of the Tel Aviv University XIN Center Yael Hanein introduced the XIN Center during the academic symposium

In the evening of May 18th, Tel Aviv University held an honorary doctorate awarding ceremony. Tel Aviv University President Joseph Klafter awarded an honorary doctorate degree to Prof. Qiu Yong. This is the first time that an honorary doctorate has been awarded to a Chinese national by Tel Aviv University. The honorary doctorate degree of Tel Aviv University is awarded only to outstanding people in the fields of academic, economic, education and culture both at home and abroad, who have made important contributions to social development and human progress. Other recipients of the honor from the Tel Aviv University this time also include former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott MP, the European Central Bank President Mario Draghi, Indian Tata Group Chairman Ratan Tata, and other 8 international dignitaries. Jin Qinxian, Tsinghua University XIN Center General Manager Jiang Yi and others accompanied Qiu Yong attended the ceremony, the meeting also included about 1200 guests with relationships to the university or degree recipients.

From the left: Tsinghua University XIN Center intern, Schwarzman Scholar Zachary Kay ,President of Tsinghua University, Qiu Yong, Tsinghua University XIN Center intern, Schwarzman scholar Zhang Shoumo

From the left: Dean of Tsinghua University Technology Transfer Office, Director of XIN Center Jin Qinxian, Co-manager of XIN center - Tel Aviv University Yuval Kupitz, President of Tsinghua University Qiu Yong, Tel Aviv University President’s Office Director Rony Goldstein, General Manager of XIN Center - Tsinghua University Jiang Yi

In the morning of May 19th, the second China-Israel Innovation Forum was hosted by the XIN Center at Tel Aviv University, sponsored by Tsinghua University and Tel Aviv University. The forum brought together influential scholars, politicians and business elites from both China and Israel. The participants jointly studied the win-win model of cooperation in education, science, and culture. President Qiu Yong, President Joseph Klafter, and Chinese Ambassador to Israel Zhan Yongxin delivered welcoming speeches for the Forum. Chengdu Vice Mayor Gou Zhengli, Tsinghua holdings President Zhou Liye, and Israel Lubinski Group Chairman Dori Manor delivered keynote speeches on innovation cooperation between China and Israel. The theme of the forum as established as "University entrepreneurship creating the next generation of revolutionary technology" and the speakers talked about the valuable experience and future cooperation model of university technology transfers between China and Israel.

Qiu Yong, President of Tsinghua University, delivered a speech at the 2nd China-Israel Innovation Forum

Tsinghua University International Cooperation and Exchange Office Director Li Jinliang (right) and the Advisor of the President of the Tel Aviv University Orly Fromer (left) hosted the forum

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