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Micro-TEG: An innovative blood coagulation testing system

Blood clots can cause all kinds of serious consequences which could greatly threat human life,the cardiovascular disease has become the largest killer to human health. Based on this situation, the blood coagulation condition detection is very important, especially before/after operation and during the anticoagulant drugs. Targeting this problem, the Thrombus elastic graph(TEG)method is greatly developed. This method could fully describe the whole blood coagulation process perfectly, and most important this detection could not be influenced by heparin. Though the TEG has gradually been widely accepted by the market, we still could find many disadvantages such as big blood demand, high detecting cost, low working efficiency and so on. To resolve these problems, we adopt the micro droplet technology to break the current problem and bottleneck of TEG equipment in application. Firstly, we chose the new material and design the brand new detection chip to replace the traditional testing cup to monitor the blood coagulation process, which is more like the real blood vessel situation. So it just need one drop of blood and could realize the whole process detection and get the same TEG map of blood coagulation. As the blood demand is greatly decreased, so the detection reagent amount is corresponding cut down, which could greatly decrease the detection cost. More important, the detection chip is quite small which is as big as two coins, so it is easy to realize the multiple detection channels get together to take high through testing and reduce the volume of this equipment. Moreover, as the whole system is small, and the blood amount is just one drop, so it is easier to realize the automatic control and greatly enhance the detection efficiency.
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