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Innovation in Emmergency Medicine

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As medical expenses accounted for 8% of GDP, Israel has a high standard of health service and medical infrastructure, vast number of industry talents and world renowned enterprise, firm scientific fundation, in every 3 scientists there is 1 focus on this field.

This forum invited numbers of exellent Israeli medical center, and dozens more well-known enterprise representatives will be introducing of their leading technologies. This showcases Israeli emergency medical exelence, but also create a platform for Chinese domestic pharmaceutical enterprises, industry representatives, and investors to connect with israeli conterparts.


Embassy of Israel in China

Office of Technology Transfer, Tsinghua University


Xin Center Tsinghua University

IGI (Institute for Global Industry, Tsinghua University)

Tsinghua x-Lab

Israeli Company attending:

IVT Medical

Flight Medical

Cnoga Medical

Persys Medical

HeadSense Medical

Inovytec Medical

NewPace Medical

Medial Earlysign

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